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About Us

Ehsankar Co. started its operations in production of PVC foam boards and Polywood plates in 2003. This company has started its work with the goal of producing national good with global quality improving Iran’s economic and industrial growth which will be obtained by relying on our 14-year experience and our hard work and also with the help of our Lord.

Why Ehsankar by concentrating on its goals, the company intends to produce a high quality and global product. This has created a major distinction between this company and all other companies. Ehsankar Co. sets out to seek customer satisfaction and technological advancement of the community. Hope with God’s help, and with the help of you dear people, we will reach this point and bring Iran to the highest level in science and technology.

Manager’s statement

Managers and employees of Ehsankar Co. are proud to make their intellectual perspectives and endeavors based on the economic progress of the country and the technical understanding of their specialists and their employees, as well as constructive interaction with customers as the main and most important wealth of the company, and are determined to add an honored achievement to our beloved country’s industry using divine power from the their experience and continuously promoting the quality improvement of our products.

 Managing Director and Chairman of the Board:

Heydar Karrar