Polywood cabinet

About This Project

This product is very diverse and wide-ranging due to the properties and features it is used in, because of the fact that this composite produces a very diverse range of products. Products made from these composites are used in various sectors such as construction, automotive (interior decorative items), decoration, railways, shipbuilding (deck), etc.

The current use of these composites extends to decorating, lining, and window frames and windows. The market for wood-plastic composites in the US has risen to 100% in the last five years, and is still rising with the emergence of new applications. This product can be used for products traditionally made of lumber and “Vipi and Ysi”.

These products include frames, profiles, components and windows, frames, drawers, shelving, decks of ships, port dams, vertical and horizontal veneering outside, shop windows, inside boats, rail traversing Railings, office furniture, kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops. Cited.

The use of these composites in advanced industrial countries is used in most industries. For example, these composites use ceiling clay, sea ports, office supplies, tools, rugs, ceiling lumber and other products. .